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Just want to share some of my vid :D thx for veiwing btw
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Note: I can't freaking write ;w;
Jaime couldn't believe how much the newest team member, the hyperactive teen speedster from the future, had seemed to enjoy being around him. It seemed whenever they were even in the same room together Bart would rush over to start talking to him. He didn't know why his new friend had liked him so much, he liked everybody on the team, but not near as much as him.

It wasn't anything extremely close, but it was close as two guys could get without being gay. That may sound strange, but it's pretty much the only way one could...
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NOT MINE when the heros are little the actually DID see the watch tower.....and had fun with Robin's hacking abiltys
ROBIN(age 8)
WALLY(age 11)
ROY (age 13)

"This isn't fair." Roy complained. He sunk into the plush chair and crossed his arms, a deep scowl on his face. "They took us to the Watch Tower and it was supposed to be cool, but now we're stuck here with nothing to do!"

The three boys looked around their confined space with a groan. All they'd...
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found on youtube not mine this is from آگ کے, آگ breather but it was the closest to blaze