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First of all, Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year, and all that! Welcome to Fanpop's سیکنڈ Annual Secret Santa User Guide, filled with tips to make the most out of this year's Secret Santa.

Those of آپ whose names are on link will receive your Secret Santa Assignment tonight at midnight Pacific Standard Time. At that time, the فہرست will be closed and no مزید people will added PUBLICLY. If آپ still want to شامل میں in on the fun (as I expect some people will) please message me PRIVATELY. If I have enough stragglers, I can probably work something out.

Now, whether یا not آپ participated...
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 عمومی سوالات stands for Frequently Asked سوالات
FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions
This عمومی سوالات was first published on April 23rd 2008 and was last updated October 27th 2008

Hello there fellow Fanpoppers. Most of آپ know me as the person who makes the پرستار Of The Fortnight سوالات and from time to time, Fanpoppers will ask me سوالات about in either تبصرے یا messages. This عمومی سوالات is here to try and answer all of those questions. If آپ have any سوالات to add please do so at the bottom and they shall be incorporated in to the article.

1. Who started پرستار Of The Fortnight?
link created a Pick called link back in May 2007 in the Fanpop spot. link then made the first ever link...
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