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pimping! :D Participate!
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Tonight a pick was گیا کیا پوسٹ that started out as a argument but within the گھنٹہ it had turned in to a brilliant and hilarious conversation between 6 یا so random پرستار poppers
We talked of پیزا and meeting up and how life on fanpop could be مزید dramatic than any TV show, in fact, I do believe it was the most random conversation ever and even has a equally random pick created about it سے طرف کی miss cinders
where the conversation carried on about where to hold this fanpop meeting where we all eat پیزا and some of nosemuffin’s muffins.
Sadly we had to turn the conversation to the above pick and other...
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Footloose.. Donk edition Enough کہا
kevin بیکن
soulja boy
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Aidan Meacham, a.k.a. DoctorSpud, was born into a non religious family of three, consisting of him and his parents. I instantly showed a passion for art and drawing, and drew "comic books" since I was around 5. I hate to brag, but I also showed a strength in reading and grammar, and despite only being in middle school, tests دکھائیں that I have post high school student reading skills.

I lived the beginning of my life in a small development in Pennsylvania (where in PA I have no idea today) and we slept on simple matresses. (Not to make us sound poor یا anything.)

We later moved to a humble town...
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 nobody's perfect
nobody's perfect
When i first came to fanpop i didn't really do anything much but make the occasional pick and watch ویڈیوز but when i did start to contribute مزید it was because of the nice تبصرے and messages that شائقین sent me that made me a addict.

I love to contribute for others but i love it even مزید when someone shows that they appreciate it weather it be a prop, a nice تبصرہ یا message یا simply rating it.
If شائقین hadn't of been so nice i probably wouldn't spend even a quarter of much time on fanpop as i do now, as the best thing is talking and joking with the دوستوں I've made on here.

So it truly...
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 The lovely Eden!
The lovely Eden!
Get your minds out of the gutter!

Two credits for this:

-Harold for coming up with the idea of interviewing a Fanpopper.
-Edennirvana for agreeing to کرائیں جمع herself to my degrading nosiness.

Interview with Edennirvana, coming to us from Puerto Rico.

1)When did آپ first discover Fanpop and how?

1. I'd say mid september of last year, a friend of mine wanted me to open a myspace account, so she asked me to check out her account. I was obsessed with the song that was used for the CSI promo of season 8 so as I was checking out her account I started browsing through some myspace groups about CSI and...
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So, yeah. I'm really awkward and I think this video proves that a huge amount. I was kinda nervous about putting this up to, so if آپ actually watched it please leave me a تبصرہ :)
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