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<Dispatch> 140811 Kai & Taemin were spotted at Hangang Park,Gangnam
They were strolling (sweetly) together near Han river on June 3.

Lmao, Dispatch's caption عنوان for the Taekai pictures though. A summer night, Taemin and Kai's stroll at Hangang. Cr:韩国me2day

[TaeKai spotted strolling and chatting along Hangang Shinsadong on 3 June] [디스포토] "절친의 어깨동무"…태민·카이, 한강 산책 -

those pictures were taken on 3rd June سے طرف کی Dispatch at Han River. taekai were simply strolling around, chatting, laughing & had close gestures

[Dispatch] 8 years of friendship,...
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