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  • Female, 22 years old
  • Pooh's Corner, 100 Acre Wood
  • Favorite TV Show: Kim Possible, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, Naruto, AGT
    Favorite Movie: Monty ازگر & the Holy Grail, Outsiders, The Iron Giant, Tarzan, Brother Bear, Oliver & Co, Jumanji, DISNEY, The Prince of Egypt, Edward Scissorhands
    Favorite Musician: Phil Collins, 90s, 80s, David Wise, All Time Low, Yoko Shimomura, Alan Menken, Simple Plan, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Red, and many مزید
    Favorite Book or Author: The Giver, The Outsiders, A Walk to Remember
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MalloMar کہا میں بارے کے Disney Princess
Cheers to me being here (on and off lately -_-) for 5 years! گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
wavesurf شدہ تبصرہ…
^Yay, you!!! Congrats!!! قبل ماہ X
MaidofOrleans شدہ تبصرہ…
Yay congrats! قبل ماہ X
mhs1025 شدہ تبصرہ…
MalloMar کہا میں بارے کے Disney Princess
R.I.P. Chester Bennington. Thank آپ for sharing your موسیقی for all these years. I know آپ struggled and I wish we شائقین could have helped آپ the way your موسیقی kept us going. گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
wavesurf شدہ تبصرہ…
^ I wasn't a fan, but I'm sorry he passed. May he rest in peace. قبل ماہ X
deedragongirl شدہ تبصرہ…
So sad, even though I only like some of the songs! قبل ماہ X
MalloMar شدہ تبصرہ…
Yeah. I guess I pretty much grew up listening to LP. I had moved on to different موسیقی but a few days پہلے I was thinking of listening to some early 2000s punk again for nostalgia sakes. Man, little did I know... قبل ماہ X
MalloMar کہا میں بارے کے Disney Princess
Okay, so I know every time I دکھائیں up here I make a billion دیوار posts and I'm sorry about that. I was wondering about the lifetime سونا system? I'm aware of it, but I do t quite understand how it works. Is it being glitchy for anyone? Basically, I've never cared about how much I've had (My longtime number was 14 ltg, understandably never really changed) but I noticed just now that I have over 100? I definitely haven't done much in the few visits I've been making. :/ گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
wavesurf شدہ تبصرہ…
No. I don't fully understand how it works. Fanpop just "randomly awards آپ gold" for your contributions, be it posts, articles, لنکس آپ give ( like your Pocahontas video from Nostalgia Chick), etc. No one around here really understands it. But having enough سونا allows آپ "to buy" the option to change your Fanpop پیپر وال on your پروفائل page and whatnot. At least, that's what I have seen. قبل ماہ X
disnerdtobe شدہ تبصرہ…
Same my سونا system is being glitchy too قبل ماہ X
BelleRose829 شدہ تبصرہ…
It was glitchy for me too! Once it overspent for a background color, then sometimes it gives me 1 point for an مضمون یا 0, but sometimes 20 points for like a poll. And the new "system" changed from the old, so if آپ contributed مزید before آپ have مزید سونا than someone who contributes just as much now. I've learned not to let it bother me to much and just contribute like I was doing before the سونا system :P قبل ماہ X