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it was a normal دن in the akatsuki. Konan was practicing origami, Deidara was blowing things up behind the base, Tobi was bugging deidara. The rest of the members were sitting watching TV. Hidan and kakuzu were in one of their arguments again. “well I don't see why I can't do rituals in our room, I deserve rights too.”hidan کہا angrily. “you can't because آپ always get blood all over everything!” kakuzu snapped. “i do not!” hidan yelled back. “besides, your the one who leaves money lying everywhere.” Pein turned to hidan and kakuzu and punched them both in the head. “will...
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آپ get it i know آپ do !
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“I should have been the one left in charge. I’m the Akatsuki treasurer after all.” Itachi replied to Kakuzu, “Pein doesn’t want آپ turning the base into a casino like last time.” Kakuzu muttered something under his breath and sat back down with the other Akatsuki members as Itachi continued. “Anyway Konan and Pein went to a spa retreat for some… privacy.” Tobi raised his hand. “Yes Tobi?” Tobi stood up. “Why didn’t they bring Tobi? Tobi is a good boy.” Hidan chuckled. “Because Pein wanted to be a dirty boy.” Tobi pointed at himself. “Tobi can be a dirty boy.”...
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“Cut it out!” Pein yelled at his Akatsuki subordinates. Once again his meeting was interrupted سے طرف کی Kakuzu and Hidan’s fighting as well as Deidara and Sasori debating what art was. They continued in spite of him, so Konan threw several paper bomb airplanes at them. They exploded causing them to panic, Hidan in particular. “What the f*** was that about?” “Pein was speaking and آپ were all fighting like children on a playground!” Kisame laughed at the others getting in trouble and Itachi rolled his eyes. Sasori responded, “Well Deidara and I were just having a lively debate. Kakuzu...
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“Art is an eternal beauty. It is meant to be this way so that the artist’s soul can continue to exist and bring the lessons of his life to others.” “No. Art is beauty that exists in a single moment so that the artist will have inspiration to seek even greater heights un.” Kisame looked behind him as Sasori and Deidara continued to bicker. “Art is an eternal beauty.” Suddenly Kisame made a large sweeping motion with his Samehada forcing Sasori and Deidara to jump back a few yards. “Your argument has been giving me and Itachi an ‘eternal’ headache! Do آپ two ever stop?”...
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Kakuzu’s scream echoed throughout the halls of the Akatsuki. All of the members raced to where they heard the scream and found Kakuzu on the ground lying on his side in the fetal position.
“What happened? Did one of the tailed beasts escape their seal?” Pein asked.
“Is our headquarters under attack سے طرف کی enemy shinobi?” Konan asked.
“Did someone have donuts and wouldn’t share them?” Tobi asked.

The other members glared at Tobi for his سوال and Deidara dragged Tobi away سے طرف کی his ear. “No,” Kakuzu replied,...
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