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Avatar: The Last Airbender is an extremely beloved animated series, that has three seasons. Due to usually disliking مقبول things and having an odd enjoyment for hated things, I kept avoiding this show. I thought I wouldn't enjoy it, but I'm glad I was wrong.

I was planning on ranking the three seasons, but I decided it would make the most sense to go in order. If آپ haven't seen each season, آپ might want to avoid reading this article, because there will be spoilers.

Book One

Book One had a lot going against it. In order to keep the show's main villain, Ozai, a mysterious threat, he basically...
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1. I’ve just always just loved the mirror scene as a whole. I like this picture because آپ can see all of the care that the animators put in here. Like all of the background details just really help build the scene. I also kind of wonder if this is part of her bedroom, the spa room, یا a bathroom. It doesn’t really look like a bathroom, but if it is that’s one hella fancy bathroom. I also like how they detail her robes; all of the folds and wrinkles and how it kind of just flows with her movements. It’s just good animation. Also she’s doing that thing with her face where it...
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Most of آپ are aware of my old مضمون of the سب, سب سے اوپر 10 hottest avatar girls. Since then I've had a change of opinion, that and some new girls from The Legend of Korra have been added. So please keep in mind this is just my opinion and leave a تبصرہ telling me what آپ think.

 Naturally pretty
Naturally pretty

I just had to put her on this فہرست because she's really super pretty. For someone who doesn't care about looks she sure looks pretty. She has such pretty messy black hair. Her skin tone really compliments her hair color. Her eyes actually look lovely, even though they're the color of blind....
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