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15 سال old Damian hopped down from his high bunk on the moving tour bus for what must of been the fifth time in the last three hours. He covered his mouth as he started gagging and practically کبوتر into the tiny little bathroom. Lurging to the toilet and throwing up.

Keith who had woken up with the sudden movement knocked gently on the door "Damo آپ alright?" With no reply he knocked harder "Damian!" He stopped when he heard retched gags from the other side of the door and frowned. Damian barely ever got sick and when he did he would rarely admit it. He knew this would be a long few days....

Short I know. Other parts will be much long. What آپ think?worth continuing?
The Wedding Date
Friends یا Lovers: Story 1
Ch 1
By: Spaz

April of 2011

“No way, Andrea, I’m not letting yea do it.” Ryan کہا walking into the studio on his cell phone.

“But it’s your cousin’s wedding. Everyone is going to have a date. She’s a nice girl.”

“Nope, not happening.”

“Let me send آپ a picture. She’s not fond of the idea either but she’s single and going to be in Ireland staying at the بستر and Breakfast so I’d rather her come to the wedding then leave her at the B & B alone.”

“Andrea, I don’t have time for this. I’m late as it is.”

“I’m sending...
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As she looked into the night she couldn’t believe that her mom had let her come alone on this cruise.
It was the maiden voyage for the Celtic Thunder cruise.
Celtic Thunder was her پسندیدہ group.
As she looked at her watch she saw that it was getting late and that she should be heading to bed.
She turned around and ran straight into someone.
“Oh, I am so sorry.” She said, “I should have looked where I was going.”
She glanced up from the ground and gasped-for there stood Ryan Kelly one of the principle singers of Celtic Thunder.
“Oh wow.” She کہا standing up and brushing herself...
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this isn't supposed to be a video, it's supposed to be a link because آپ need to read the description. NOT MINE!!!! IT HAS MY NAME IN IT (lo)l BUT I DON"T OWN IT
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