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***WARNING: Spoilers for all 7 books***

Dear wizard of the future-

If you're reading this, I presume آپ studied History of Magic at Hogwarts یا some other Wizarding institution. آپ have studied the سیکنڈ wizarding war, and آپ will have heard about me. Allow me to introduce myself- my name is Tom Riddle, and I am attempting to change the Wizarding World for the better- although if آپ are reading this, I was unsuccessful and am no longer here. What I tell آپ today will completely change your perception of everything that happened during that time.

My story starts, as آپ are aware, at the...
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Throughout the Harry Potter books, there are some variations between the Bloomsbury (British) and Scholastic (American) editions. Below the first section on "Philosopher's vs. Sorcerer's" is a section on other different terminologies used.

Philosopher's vs. Sorcerer's

When Scholastic was publishing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in America, they decided to rename the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. They claimed that the American and British uses of the word philosopher were a bit different, so therefore sorcerer was a مزید appropriate word. Any true Harry Potter fan, American...
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A really funny Harry Potter ترمیم
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