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A collection of some love quotes.

I’m a liar because I wont tell آپ everything.
I’m stupid because sometimes im wrong.
I’m ugly because my face isn’t perfect.
I’m a pushover because I like making people happy.
I’m a loser because I’m a not friend with your group.
I’m fake because I’m too nice.
I’m weird becauseI’m not like you.
I’m fat because I eat when I’m hungry.
I’m clingy because I don’t like to be alone.
I’m insecure because I care about what people think of me.
I’m no fun because I'm not always hyper?
Don’t try to tell me who I am.
I already know.

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I love my parents.

I don't know how I'll live without my parents, because I realize that they are the only people I'll always have. دوستوں don't last forever, and partners don't either. But your parents... they stick with آپ from the beginning until the very end. Even when they leave the world, their memory and their wise lessons guide آپ throughout life. The love your parents have for آپ is the strongest love ever felt سے طرف کی humans. And I think it would be idiotic to say otherwise.

I fight a lot with my parents. I become insolent and harsh with them at times, and sometimes, I exceed to such...
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