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45 things a girl wants but wont ask for:

1. Touch her waist.
2. Actually talk to her.
3. Share secrets with her.
4. Give her your jacket.
5. Kiss her slowly.

Are آپ remembering this?

6. Hug her.
7. Hold her.
8. Laugh with her.
9. Invite her somewhere.
10. Hangout with her and your دوستوں together.


11. Smile with her.
12. Take pictures with her.
13. Pull her onto your lap.
14. When she says she loves آپ more, deny it. Fight back.
15. When her دوستوں say i love her مزید than you, deny it. fight back and
hug her tight so she can't get to her friends. it makes her feel loved.

Are آپ thinking of...
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