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Source: Sounding Heartbeats
posted by Eternalmike
Michael's P.O.V
So I met Dahlia for the first time in six years. She is so cute! Her cheekiness went away but she's still so cute! I always loved her like a brother. But now, I think I'm liking her. As in I'm having a crush on her.How is that possible?! After 6 years too!

Dahlia's P.O.V
So it's 9 AM and Michael is still sleeping اگلے to me. He's so cute when he's sleeping! Anyway, Athena climbed on my بستر and started meowing. And then my kitty Pineapple climbed on my بستر and was meowing. Michael woke up and Athena was licking his face. She missed him so much! Then Michael noticed Pineapple. He...
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Michael's P.O.V

I finally had gotten the courage to do what seemed almost impossible. I kissed Fancy. Her lips were soft like rose petals, یا like she just kissed a cloud.

We are both too young to be boyfriend and girlfriend; just at the tender age of 10. Besides, I can be 18 and have a girlfriend and Joseph would still freak out. I knew we couldn't tell anyone about the kiss یا we'll regret it. Especially since the wannabe casanova we call Marlon already kissed her.

Even if Marlon took the role of sharing Fancy's first kiss, our kiss was way مزید special. Even if our noses bumped a little....
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michael jackson
black یا white
behind the scenes
Song سے طرف کی CHristina AGuilera
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i don't know anything.Is this is sung سے طرف کی mj یا it is a fake.
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I hope آپ like it!!!