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michael did trust many people that were in his inner دائرے, حلقہ and yet it was still hard to trust them even thought they were in his inner دائرے, حلقہ most of them turned there backs on him when michael did the film mrs.castaway in 2005 when behind the scenes of the movie آپ can tell that michael was jittery and nervous at the same time آپ can also tell that it looked like michael didnt have a friend in the world if آپ looked into his eyes آپ could see sadness and fear michael has admited many times that he felt that he was the loneliest person in the world even though michael had children he didnt...
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"It feels so nice to have some time to myself." Michael thought. He had had his hands tied due to a حالیہ death in the family; he was in charge of most of the funeral preparations & on سب, سب سے اوپر of that, he hadn't been feeling too well lately. But today was different, it was the first time in nearly two weeks that he could leave his apartment for some personal time. Little did he know where that "personal time" was going to take him today.

It was going on eleven when Michael arrived at the kiosk, & ordered a large black coffee. As he was waiting, Michael noticed a young woman sitting alone...
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Lisa Marie Presley just sent a "thank you" bouquet to the florist that decorated Michael Jackson's tomb with sunflowers -- because if there's one thing a florist needs, it's مزید flowers.

TMZ has learned Presley sent the flowers to sunflowerguy.com -- along with a personalized card that said, "Thank آپ so much for donating the beautiful flowers."

As we previously reported, the florist sent مزید than 1,500 sunflowers to Forest Lawn Cemetery on Friday , after Lisa Marie begged MJ's شائقین to do a better job of decorating Michael's tomb.
I just wrote a song called ((A Place With No Name)).The inspiration and عنوان came to me سے طرف کی MJ's own ((A place with no name)).It's a slow and dramatic song.Lyrics are under.So after reading tell me what آپ think even if it's BAD!!!
(This song is dedicated to Jill_17)

I look at this house with curisity,Something is making me stop,I look at the house,trying to know this place,trying to find out what these are.
But it seems that there's nothing to help me.
I look around this place,but there is no name
It's like a white horse with no name

(2 Times)And this place has no name either

(Chorus)(4 times)A...
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Just a little MJ themed tribute to Roy Horn. The stupid Coronavirus has taken him away. Another awesome magician gone but will definently not be forgotten
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Source: Screencaps سے طرف کی Me
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This is rehearsal footage from the This Is It Tour 2009 released سے طرف کی promoter AEG. Footage from a June 23, 2009 rehearsal, just 48 hours before his death. Contrary to reports, he looks good on stage.
this is it
final rehearsal