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posted by Tailsgamer2
Tails was playing GRANNY on his laptop and was recording on Youtube.

Tails: Sooo, the game is loading...

*suddenly the game reads "DAY 1" and the screen starts to اقدام out of a bed*

Tails: *in a low sound sending to the viewers that any jumpscare will scare him* Okay.

He immediately hid under the بستر when he knocked over a glass in the game *Granny opens the door stops in front of the بستر and after 30 سیکنڈ she did an under the بستر jumpscare*


*the game reads "DAY 2"* Tails goes over to the door and opens it and goes to the basement only to find Granny smacking him...
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are آپ will cry look this?
posted by Hellowittykitty
Miles, A.K.A., "Tails," was pouting in his bedroom. His parents took away all his inventions and tools. He was bored to death. Literally. All the poor لومڑی did was keep quiet. Tails tossed a rubber ball back and forth, trying to keep himself entertained. His parents weren't mad at him. They just wanted him to stop inventing and chat with friends. "Have a life." As they said. Besides, the only friend the poor guy had was Sonic. But he even thought Tails should chat with other people besides him. So, Tails thought for a moment. "Wait a second... Why don't I post a video of myself talking about...
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posted by sonicfanAG
Sonic was still fighting with shadow but shadow was getting much مزید stronger.
Shadow:*Bites sonic on the leg*
*tails shoots a booster filled with sleeping liquids*
Sonic:Night,night Shadow
Shadow:What do آپ mean?
tails:Lets just say in 30 سیکنڈ آپ are going to hit the floor.
*Shadow falls asleep*
Tails:I guess we did it again Sonic.
(A giant dark green werehog steps up right in front of Sonic)
Giant werehog:Who is this mysterious stranger Sonic?
*Sonic turns around and bows down*
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