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Just an awesome video I found.
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ارے Tails’ کہا C.J. Lets ‘check out the new club.’ ‘ok’ he replied. It was very busy when they finally got in it was loud with thumping موسیقی it was cool! They had brought along Tails girlfriend Amy and her friend (who Tails & C.J. didn't like) Breezie.‘Hey Amy آپ do know Tails shouldent be here’ Breezie کہا ‘look I know آپ 2 don't get along but WHY?’ کہا Amy. ‘well there ARE loads of single girls here’ ‘Tails isn't like that’ کہا Amy worried ‘well I hope not 'she thought.
Just then Tails was alone for a bit then a blond bat came ‘hi’ she کہا smoothly...
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