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This is just a فہرست of my پسندیدہ female-fronted rock bands. Lots of them are not well know, but they're really good. Check 'em out. :)

Front Woman: Amy Lee
Fun Fact: Amy Lee is the only original member of Evanescence since they formed in 1997.

Front Woman: Hayley Williams
Fun Fact: Paramore was signed when Hayley was only fifteen. Their youngest member, Zac (former drummer), was only thirteen at the time.

Front Woman: Formerly Lacey Mosley, now Kristen May
Fun Fact: The band's first name was Passerby

Lacuna Coil
Front Woman: Cristina Scabbia
Fun Fact: The band is from Italy....
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As a sequel to my گزشتہ مضمون about my سب, سب سے اوپر 100 best singing voices of all time, this time I'll be talking about my سب, سب سے اوپر 20 WORST singing voices of all time. Why only 20? Because why would I want to torture myself with having to listen to 100 horrible singers? These singers are absolutely HORRID and can't sing to save their lives. I will be providing لنکس to them singing, if you're brave enough to listen to them. Please keep in mind that this is all just my opinion, so don't be rude. Enjoy!

This guy is absolutely HORRIBLE! First of all, his lack of teeth from all the drugs he does...
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware of what is undoubtedly the song of the summer: link

It’s got catchy lyrics, a great vibe and the video offers a nod to a 1970’s James Bond mood.

I recently caught up with model and actress SAYO, who stars in the video, to find out مزید about the experience.

Tell us about your appearance in Saint Motel’s مقبول video MY TYPE.

SAYO: My agent told me about this project. When I heard it was for a موسیقی video, I was hesitant. I’ve appeared in موسیقی ویڈیوز in the past and it’s not something I do anymore at this stage in...
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...And one آپ should give a سیکنڈ chance.

I've been known to have موسیقی tastes that aren't for everyone. People tend to be a little crazy about what موسیقی they do and don't like but if it makes آپ feel good who really cares, right? I was up last night watching موسیقی ویڈیوز for one of the artists on here and I was thinking to myself "Why aren't they مزید popular? Why does nobody I know talk about them?" Then I answered my own سوال and decided to inform the masses! So lets get started!

Lets start with the one آپ should give a سیکنڈ chance...Carly Rae Jepsen. Of course آپ know her, whether...
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 Who has the most beautiful golden voice?
Who has the most beautiful golden voice?
This was a really hard فہرست to figure out and it took a LONG time to finally come together. There are just so many amazing voices that it was hard to figure it out. Most of the singers here are female because for some reason they appeal مزید to me than male singers do. Anyway, please تبصرہ because I've worked really hard one this and will be mad as hell if I don't get a good amount of تبصرے after all this time I spent on this article. However, please be polite and realize that it's just my opinion. I will provide لنکس to all of the singers singing, for those of آپ who haven't heard a...
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 Charli XCX
Charli XCX
Charli: ارے Guys Charli XCX here and here's how my song Boom clap became a boom drop of some sort.
Kofi(Backstage at smackdown hears Boomclap on Sound system) Whoa what's that.
Sound guy: Charli XCX's Boom clap
Kofi: U don't say I'm the Boom dropper I wonder if she wants to give me that song.
So he goes to meets Charli at the AMA's
Kofi: ارے U Charli
Charli: Yea who r u?
Kofi: My name's Kofi Kingston i work for the WWE
Charli right sure u do
Kofi: It's true anyway I'm here because I heard someone say u have a song called Boom Clap.
Charli: Yes I do why?
Kofi: U don't know this but I'm the boom Dropper...
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posted by hatelarxene
Well, it had to be done. I haven't seen any مضامین like this. For real, I support parents who let their own kids listen & look up to real childhood idols. Not none of those fake-ass stars like Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, and Justin Bieber shit that little kids wet their panties over. Real role models are located in underrated channels that are not مقبول over looks.

If I had kids, I would not allow them to hear یا watch anything on Disney Channel, except for some shows like Stanly, That's So Raven, The Proud Family, & Kim Possible. Austin and Ally and Shake it Up, hell no, I don't wanna...
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I just read this article: link

It’s about the illegal download of ویڈیوز and particularly موسیقی from youtube. Meanwhile, there are many programs available which make it pretty easy to do so and which can be downloaded for free on the Internet. I myself got FreeYoutubeToMp3Converter (which got also mentioned in the article.
I wanted to post a تبصرہ to the article, but therefore I would have needed an account. I still wanted to tell my point of view and so I write it here:

“This whole thing is driving ME crazy. I love موسیقی – but not of only one band. I have like…500 fav songs and they’re...
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now, برداشت, ریچھ with me because i have never written a soapbox...so here it goes :)

whenever i turn on the radio i hear موسیقی like Sean Kingston and Fergie blasting from the speakers. Maybe even, (dare i say it) Green دن and Nickleback

Now if آپ like this type of music, i am not trying to bash you. i just want to express my opinion and maybe دکھائیں آپ some artists آپ may like. there are so many artists out there that are amazing but i have forced myself to narrow it down to five.

1. One of my پسندیدہ bands would be Oasis. this 90's british band has great lyrics and melodies. Some of the سب, سب سے اوپر songs...
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For all those voting Americans who haven’t made up their minds yet, the new rap parody ‘DUMP DRUMPF!’ was created to help آپ out.

The original parody combines the مقبول 90’s classic Kris Kross song “Jump” with a not-so-little known fact (thanks to comedian John Oliver) that Donald Trump’s family name was changed from Drumpf.

The brains behind the fresh tune are indie hip-hop artist Jensen Reed and comedian/actor Ben Giroux, who are clearly ‘with her’. Jensen adds, “I couldn’t think of a better way to reach out to young voters and help stop the maniac Donald Trump from becoming President than create a parody of one of the classic hip-hop songs from the 90’s!”

Check it out on YouTube now at: link]https://youtu.be/1-Zx1UOnHaY[/url][/b][/url]
 Ben Giroux (L) and Jensen Reed (R) in parody موسیقی video "Dump Drumpf!"
Ben Giroux (L) and Jensen Reed (R) in parody music video "Dump Drumpf!"
 Jensen Reed (L) and Ben Giroux (R) in parody موسیقی video "Dump Drumpf!"
Jensen Reed (L) and Ben Giroux (R) in parody music video "Dump Drumpf!"
posted by NickelodeonLove
Just a small town girl
Livin' in a lonely world
She took the midnight train
Goin' anywhere
Just a city boy
Born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train
Goin' anywhere

A singer in a smokey room
The smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on

Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching
In the night
Streetlight people
Livin' just to find emotion
Hidin' somewhere in the night

Workin' hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin' anything to roll the dice
Just one مزید time
Some will win
Some will lose
Some were born to...
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posted by NickelodeonLove
[Verse 1:]
I've been spinning now for time
Couple women سے طرف کی my side
I got sinning on my mind
Sipping on red wine
I've been sitting here for ages
Ripping out the pages
How'd I get so faded?
How'd I get so faded?

Oh, no, no, don't leave me alone lonely now
If آپ loved me how'd آپ never learn?
Oh, coloured crimson in my eyes
One یا two could free my mind
This is how it ends.
I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream
Fading out again.
I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream
So tell me when it kicks in

Well, tell me when it kicks in

[Verse 2:]
I've been looking for a lover
Thought I'd find her in a bottle...
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Uooh Oohh celebration

All this talk about being in love
I could never get into the party
Never really understood what it was
Like what's the big deal anyway?

Oh, but I decided I should give it a try
The very moment that آپ gave me the invite
I've never seen anything like it before
Once آپ open the door
See I was like...

Oh yeah yeah don't get any better
Oh yeah yeah wish that this was forever
Your دل calling
Feels like confetti falling
And it's a celebration,
Feels like a celebration
Cause your دل calling
Feels like confetti falling down, down, down.

And everybody's gonna make an appearance
Even the butterflies...
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If آپ like this song, آپ could listen to:

Nobody’s ہوم – Avril Lavigne

I couldn’t tell آپ why she felt that way
She felt it everyday
And I couldn’t help her
I just watched her make the same mistakes again

What’s wrong, what’s wrong now
Too many, too many problems
Don’t know where she belongs, where she belongs
She wants to go home, but nobody’s home
It’s where she lies, broken inside
With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes
Broken inside

Open your eyes and look outside, find the reasons why
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 Dan from Imagine Dragons
Dan from Imagine Dragons
ID's Dan: ارے It's me Dan Reynolds from That group Imagine Dragons and here's how I took our song Radioactive Literally.
Random fan: ارے Dan, u know that u can become Radioactive.
DR: your Kidding
Fan: It's true
DR: I don't Believe U
Fan: It's simple really all u have to do is fall into a pit of lard and then lay in the heat
DR: Lard? Really? Isn't that bad for u?
Fan: No I heard it goes great with the sun.
DR; So I went crazy thinking about so much so that I got drunk before a کنسرٹ and our manger fried me. and since I was out of a job I figured what the hell so I went and did it and to my craziest idea It actually worked and the best part is I got a new job as the real life Radioactive Man I kid u not.
 The new way to get A Radioactive shock.
The new way to get A Radioactive shock.
 Dan from Imagine Dragons now.
Dan from Imagine Dragons now.
posted by karlyluvsam
is the passion all gone?
یا is it still newly wed?
if all this heat is doing is making us stick to the bed
then there is no life to revive.
but if the hunger is still there, buried somewhere inside
covered up سے طرف کی the boredom we've been trying to hide
then dig it up and devour
and it will be مزید like a song
and less like its math
if آپ pull on my hair, and bite me like that
and the truth is that i can't hardly wait
and i don't care if we stay up too late
don't answer the phone
don't answer the phone
and it will be مزید like a song and less like its math
if آپ pull on my hair and bite me like that
and the truth is that i can't hardly wait
it itches so bad that i can't concentrate
don't answer the phone
don't answer the phone
and it will be مزید like a song and less like its math
if آپ pull on hair and bite me like that.
BLAZAR finds a unique sound in “Better” that has The Killers شائقین raving. Listeners hear the similarities in vocal styles of Jerad Finck’s energetic singing and instrumental vibes. The track features elements of : Alternative Pop, SynthPop and ElectroPop. Jerad Finck’s last single “Criminal” has sold over 57,000 copies.

Check out “Better” on Spotify! (link)

He is also a Grand Prize Winner of the U.S.A SongWriting Competition, among other winners like Meghan Trainor and American. Not only is Finck an award winner, he has had the chance to collaborate with many brilliant artists...
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Randy Hall takes a risk (that has paid off big time!) as he incorporates R&B influences in his newest release, A New Way of Love, now streaming on Spotify and YouTube. Hall creates an inspirational موسیقی video to accompany his tune which is destined to be one of his greatest hits yet.

Listen to “A New Way of Love” On Spotify! ( at: link )

The new R&B song shines a very bright light on Hall’s soulful roots and highlights his great producing skills. The sexy new single includes supremely pocketed beats, باس, گھنگھور and ambient گٹار blended cohesively with harmonious female backing vocals....
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I'm going to ask آپ that سوال again. The one everyone asks. The one everyone makes پولز about, the one you're probably tired of..

So, which do آپ like more: old موسیقی یا new music?

If آپ answered old music, I understand you. What is that trash they call "new music" anyway? You're probably thinking that موسیقی has actually gone downhill... but that's not the case. You've likely only heard the سب, سب سے اوپر 40 hits, and they only let trash get famous these days. There is still amazing, genuine موسیقی being made today, it's just not well known. Here are some of my سب, سب سے اوپر current obscure artists:

1) Birdtalker...
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On the موسیقی reviewing/ cataloguing site rateyourmusic.com, a reviewer of Taylor Swift's first album شدہ تبصرہ that it was "Almost like a country girl version of the early Beatles." When I first saw that review, it made me angry- how dare they disrespect a legend like The Beatles سے طرف کی comparing them to someone like Taylor Swift. I like both but The Beatles are one of my favourite artists whereas Taylor تیز رو, سوئفٹ is مزید of a guilty pleasure for me- but at the time I read this she wasn't even that. When I first read that review, it was before Lover but after reputation, which probably partly explains...
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