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posted by ppgcowgirl
It's the first دن of 2013, so what a better دن to make my SM 2013 wish list? Except for maybe 6-6-12 when it was announced, but I found out 3 days late, so that تاریخ was out. And I've been a lazy bum ^_^

1) First and foremost, I want to Senshi's Eternal forms, the Sailor Quartet (with Eternal forms, of course), and Sailor Cosmos. These were all of the things that made the manga different and better than the anime. They were vital to the story! I think that there isn't a doubt that these will دکھائیں up, being the new عملی حکمت will be loyal to the manga. Toei just needs to quit being so sure their...
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 Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary ~
Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary ~
Fumio Osano, the Sailor Moon manga's Kodansha editor who is known سے طرف کی his nickname "Osabu," confirmed in response to a سوال on his Twitter account that the new Sailor Moon عملی حکمت has been delayed. The عملی حکمت was previously announced as debuting this summer.

Osabu has not yet دیا further details, but a مزید formal announcement is expected soon. When asked if the عملی حکمت would broadcast in winter 2014, he responded, "Not 2014. Perhaps."

The idol group Momoiro Clover Z, publisher Kodansha and Sailor Moon manga creator Naoko Takeuchi announced the new عملی حکمت adaptation of the manga last July. Momoiro Clover Z announced that they would perform a theme song for the new عملی حکمت at France's عملی حکمت Expo, while a special event on the same دن commemorated the 20th anniversary of Naoko Takeuchi 's Sailor Moon manga at Tokyo's nicofarre hall.
posted by SailorViolette
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon یا any of the characters


"Kimi wa itsumo kagayiteta,
Egao hitotsu chiisa na hoshi,
Taisetsu ni shiteta yo (eien no Starlight)...

She smiled sadly as the song played from her iPod. She only had the Three Lights' songs on it. Which was... five. Their single songs, and their two group songs.

"Ano hi boku wa mamorenakute,
Kuyashi namida koraeta dake,
Itami ga nokoru yo (wasurenai Sweet heart)...

The Three Lights were still the most مقبول band in Japan, and their songs were always on the سب, سب سے اوپر hits list....
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A dark portal suddenly appeared out of no where.
"Come on guys." Lita کہا with excitement she really wanted to go and find what was inside this weird portal, was a black pit of darkness that lead to another evil trying to destroy the moon kingdom?
Serena didn't look too impressed she didn't to get hurt.
"Come on guys." Lita کہا again
"I don't know Lita آپ never know what might be in there." Serena کہا she really did not won't to go and she was not going to budge all she had to do was to convince Amy, and Mina and Raye but Raye would be very hard to convince.
"Oh Serena آپ cry Baby." Raye complained...
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posted by PokemonNerd05
Do آپ Want Sailor Moon Back ?

Well there is a petition for Sailor Moon. آپ don't need to worry if آپ want to یا not. All they ask آپ for your name, your email, and if آپ want to آپ could post a coment. When آپ type your میل ای they ask آپ if آپ want your میل ای as Private, Available to Petition Author, یا Public. آپ don't need to sing up just to sing a petition.

This is the URL.


If Sailor Moon is back they are going to air it in Cartoon Network.
We know they're there. In the Stars arc, Seiya کہا that any planet, regardless of size, that had life, also had a Senshi. I interpret this to mean anything big enough to possibly hold a kingdom, so that excludes microscopic asteroids but includes larger ones. The ones large enough to have names are probably large enough for kingdoms, at least that's what I'm going on. This مضمون will فہرست all of the named asteroids/minor planets and dwarf planets and what I think Senshi from each would be like.

Edit: OK, there could probably be 100 مزید Senshi for every named asteroid. I'm just going to stop...
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posted by rileyferguson

Chibiusa was asleep in bed, having nightmares of the future. She was tossing and turning and whimpering. She couldn't relax.

When morning came, Chibiusa woke up to discover she'd wet Usagi's bed. She was sure Usagi would be furious. Before she could even think to do anything though, Usagi walked in the door and saw the wet spot on the bed. Chibiusa started crying and hid her face, certain Usagi would strike her. However, Usagi wasn't mad at all. She simply said, "It's okay, Chibiusa. I'll wash the sheets. Let's just get آپ cleaned up, huh?"

Chibiusa calmed down and...
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 Innocent moments.
Innocent moments.
Hi guys, since I am a پرستار of the original عملی حکمت series. So here are my reasons and opinions on why I prefer the original over the reboot.

My Childhood

I grew up with the original and I used to watch it in English dub, but upon watching it again recently in English. I found out that they actually cut out a number of things until the حالیہ re-dub of the 90's version, despite that I am currently watching the original Japanese dub.

About Sailor Moon Crystal

Okay, I saw تصاویر and ویڈیوز of it, considering that I read the Manga before watching the anime. I was not happy with it, especially about the اندازی حرکت style. In fact, I had mixed feelings about the دکھائیں as doesn't really make much of a difference to me!

The Songs

I love Japanese and English pop music, so I love both the soundtrack in both dubs. It has meaningful lyrics I have to say!

Fighting Evil سے طرف کی Moonlight

So are my opinions about the fame عملی حکمت show, do آپ agree?
 Loving these casts!
Loving these casts!
Ive been A پرستار Of Sailor Moon Since I Was 5 And Now Im 19. Ive Seen Every Episode But The One Where The Voice Actors Spoke English, For Me Personally I Did Not Like It. I Thought It Was Not Original. I Didnt Really Get Into To It That Much.

The First Episode Of Sailor Moon Christal Is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I Cant Wait To See The اگلے Episode. It Brings Me Back To My Childhood. The اندازی حرکت Is Much مزید Fluent Than It Was When It First Came Out. The Voice Actors And Actresses Did A Great Job With The Characters They Were Put With. The Transformation Sequence Was Cool And The Opening And Ending Songs Are Really Catchy.

Now This Is Just A Short Review Because I Dont Want To Give Away Anything Just In Case Someone Has Not Seen it Yet

Here Is Where I Saw Episode One: link
 Hello guys, we meet again.
Hello guys, we meet again.
Hi guys, many years پہلے I watched this movie and strangely I only like this movie, so here are my thoughts on the film.

The Story-Line

Okay, when I first read the movie on IMDb after not seeing it for years. I was amazed that some of the scene were either shortened یا omitted, but I am very happy that like my Sakura Wars review that I wrote earlier on, the movie deals about forgiveness, friendship and teamwork.

The Characters

Apart from Disney, Sailor Moon was also part of my childhood and I knew all of the characters very well, however the main antagonist Fiore looks a LOT like Alan and Ann from the series on which this movie is base on. Wonder if he is their cousin?

Kiss from a Rose

Sadly, this review is very short and I hope آپ agree with my thoughts. If آپ haven't seen the movie, go ahead and watch it, may it be in its English یا Japanese dub!
 Don't Go Breaking My Heart.
Don't Go Breaking My Heart.
Hello everyone!
My name is Amanda and I have a favor to ask some people of. I am hoping to animate my stories which just so happen to be a Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z crossover. I need voice actors, most roles are open for each universe as of late! Here is the link to the like page which will have all of the information!

آپ will need to read the notes that are some where on there if آپ want to know more. Please help I'll greatly appreciate it too :)
posted by marycosplay
 Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Hino Rei Fighting Uniform Cosplay Costume
Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Hino Rei Fighting Uniform Cosplay Costume
want to find some fit link,
recently we will have a Sailor Moon cosplay party on one of our friends'birthday party, she like sailor mars very much.We have link,the picture we took is that she wears Sailor Mars' costume, she looks gorgeous.
*Adventures of Sailor Moon is a fanfic series created سے طرف کی me- Animefan66. All content and characters belong to its creators. Please enjoy this exciting series*

Dawn has just rose over the city. Out in the ocean, a large pirate ship sailed over the sea near the downtown harbor. Inside this ship, crew members were attempting to sail to the docks. The crew gave the captain of the ship their word for getting them to the docks and after his response, the ship parked near the docking area of the harbor. After the ship was parked, large numbers of the crew members made their way down from the ship and...
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posted by TDIfangirl
Trista was always told how beautiful she sweet and innocent she was. But not be Rini. یا Serenity. یا any of her friends. It was سے طرف کی him. Endymon. Despite the fact they were enimies, constantly ployed with the objective with destroying one another, she often visited him. Nothing was wrong with it; Darien and Endymon تقسیم, الگ کریں bodies after the death of Galaxia. It was okay. Serena was happy with her love, why couldn't Trista be? "Endymon?" She knocked on the palace door. The prince answered the door. "Pluto, what are آپ doing here? I told you, I have to come to آپ for now on." He said....
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This is the opening song in japanese, Moonlight Densetsu!
Let's sing! LOL :p

Moonlight Densetsu

Gomen ne sunao ja nakute
Yume no naka nara ieru
shikoukairo wa shooto sunzen
ima sugu aitai yo
nakitakunaru آپ na moonlight
denwa mo dekinai midnight
Datte junjou doushiyou
haato wa mangekyou

Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare
nandomo meguriau
seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue
onaji kuni ni umareta no mirakuru romansu

mou ichido futari de weekend
kamisama kanaete happy-end
genzai kako mirai mo
anata ni kubiitake

Deatta toki no natsukashii
manazashi wasurenai
ikusenman no hoshi kara anata wo mitsukerareru
guuzen mou channsu ni kaeru ikikata ga suki yo!

fushigi na kiseki kurosu shite
nandomo meguriau
seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue
onaji kuni ni umareta no mirakuru romansu
shinjite iru no
mirakuru romansu
Sailor V has a mission and rushed off to the city, and not everyone liked Sailor V. Someone changed Sailor moon Prequel name to
BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR V and Usagi always hates Sailor V and soon Minako thunk:I am a good super-hero. and i have beauty, i should change my name. So Minako used her current Sailor V turned it into Sailor Beauty. and she کہا Look, it's Sailor V Sailor Venus, (used venus love and beauty shock) Sailor Beauty!!!!!! and everyone stared at her and Usagi کہا she will be sailor V and soon she dies on a mission. Suddenly, Sailor beauty carried Sailor V and Then sailor beauty said:Say thanks i saved آپ and Sailor V کہا Thanks a lot. i was okay.
posted by adwbuffy
 Sailor Moon Essences
Sailor Moon Essences
Wow I Love that دکھائیں Its one of my پسندیدہ shows that I ever watched on television.Back in the 90's Sailor Moon was the most مقبول shows that children would watch on television. I mean even though I am seventeen years can still like the show. Mean ,come on the دکھائیں was the biggest hit on ویژن ٹیلی now the دکھائیں has been canceled. I felt really bad that the دکھائیں was ended. But at least there are other shows that I can watch. Also my mom کہا Sailor Moon is a cute and wonderful دکھائیں for all the girls and boys. And I agree with her. The دکھائیں was the best animainted series on tv. And I hope it comes back on television

There were a lot kids wondering is there Sailor Moon فلمیں and the parents کہا yes there is and the kids were lined up in stores can I have that. I mean wow.
One day, It was a cloudy دن "Luna!" screamed Usagi. some mean Boys took Luna and then Customized Luna. The first boy said:"I'll call you..." The سیکنڈ boy screamed excitedly:"Kusha!" The third boy said:"That sounds fun." So then Usagi adopted another animal that's a rabbit, and the pet-keeper said:That will be 48 dollars. What?! screamed Usagi and spent all her money and went outside lifted the bunny up and said:Let's call آپ Rabbit Serena. Lita came and کہا What do آپ have there!? Usagi کہا a rabbit. Lita took it and Usagi کہا NO DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID And Lita felt grumpy and کہا I'm sorry. And Usagi kept Lita happy for the rest of the time.
posted by SailorViolette
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon یا any of the characters.


Yaten strayed behind Seiya and the Inner Senshi (excluding Rei) with Taiki, glaring at the back of their heads. He was irritated, worried and angry. He was irritated at the circumstances of coming to Earth, worried about Usagi, and angry at her Senshi.

Yaten winced internally at another fierce pang of agony ripped through him. He was sure it went through his very soul, though.

'Usagi... what's happened to you?' He wondered.

~*~ Flash back (2 weeks earlier) ~*~

Healer was...
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