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One دن sonic,shadow,knuckles was sleeping they fell hot so ارے take ,there covers off then they fell cold,dizzy they call tails amy silver rouge to take care of them so amy tails silver rouge went to there house they them sleeping together,they made them soup,sonic shadow knuckles ate the سوپ then they throw up in the bathroom the اگلے دن they feel better so they the same thing to tails amy silver rouge they feel better they got marry they had childen
they got sick they did the same thing over,over,over,over. THE END
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Shadow and Musa were walking down the steps. They saw a city war. They MEAN business! Shadow grabs his gun and joins the war. Musa joins too using her electricity, thunder, and lightning. Shadow shoots the soilders but مزید come!
Soilders: Get Shadow!!!
Musa: Nobody messes with Shadow!!
Shadow: *Shoots* AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
While Shadow and Musa try to save the city a giant rock dude comes and picks up the police car and throws it. Musa jumps and helps the rock dude. Shadow holds Musa close and teleports to the سب, سب سے اوپر of a building. The two watch.
Shadow: It looks awesome..
Musa: Why....
Shadow: Cause fighting...
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