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posted by DJMasterette1
 Silver the hedgehog
Silver the hedgehog
Since Sega released a new character in the Sonic series,Silver the Hedgehog,many شائقین had many confusing ideas of Silver's past. The most confusing idea of who is Silver,is his parents. I have reasearch many of the famous Sega characters and I am here to explain.

The Father

Shadow the Hedgehog
Almost every شائقین number one guess! I have recently known Shadow and Silver has many similiarities and a very few diffrences.

1. The Chest فر, سمور
Shadow and Silver's chest فر, سمور have a connection. But the diffrence is Silver's chest فر, سمور is مزید shaggier than Shadows.

2. The Body
As آپ can see,Silver has no...
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"there i have my powers now" she left eggman there then eggman went to study about her. "hmm i wounder who she is, huh? what the heck is this, it کہا she was made سے طرف کی general robotnick and somehow died. it says "project honey". i don't understand this at all" eggman kept looking in his computer but he found away to kill her when he saw how it happened. meanwhile, silver and shadow went to where she was going then they saw her. "hey shadow is that her" "yep, it is silver" she flew and saw silver and shadow then she landed. "hey guys" honey کہا but nothing was said. she looked in there eyes...
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