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 Bethany 2016
Bethany 2016
Full Name: Bethany Khristine Schneider

Nicknames: Beth, Nynegen

Age: Around 13 to 14

Personality: Tripolar? Is that a word?! Chill and lazy,
Funny and outgoing, then impatient and bitchy the next.

Themes to describe her: sans., Lucky Strike, Fuck it all

Habits: Coughing unnecessarily, biting, sighing, laying on people, dabbing, swearing (A lot of swearing.), and Hamilton references. ("Stop drinking." "I am not throwing away my shot!")

Appearance: Purple فر, سمور with white paws and tail tip, black and white ears, chocolate brown hair and eyes. (New design)

Clothing: Red GAP hoodie, black pants,...
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I give my OC Dragon powers,look at them.
They are strong a lot i know right?
Their names are:
Red Dragon of آگ کے, آگ and his powers:Fire Dragon Fist,Dragon Bite,Flying Dragon (fly on him and see what happens muahaha no don't just listen ok blah blah just ignore this),Big Dragon Head Fist,100 DRAGONS.
Blue Dragon of Water and his powers:Blue Dragon Fist,Blue آگ کے, آگ (doesn't kill),Dragon Scream (can give آپ such a big weakness of how loud it is not even headphone helps),Dragon Fast Slash (slashes with his fist and آپ have a blood of how it hurts).
Green Dragon of Earth and his powers:Illusion (can turn your eyes into illusion and,need to wait 3 min to get it off),Dragon's scream (turns آپ into rock and wait 10 min to turn normal).
Green Dragon of Natural and powers:Natural Foliage (Dragon opens mouth and foliage comes while he close mouth foliage ends).
White Dragon of Wind and his 3 little powers but,so powerful!:Hurricane,tornado,wind.
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 Ember the Cat
Ember the Cat
(Some info might be wrong but it is a پرستار fiction)

This is my rp character and this is her story...

Ember is 14 and is also Blaze's sister. One دن Ember was just gone and this is why...
Ember age 7:

Today is the first دن Blaze and i are full gaurdians. Blaze has always been the better fighter even though she is only a few months older.

Blaze- Hurry up Ember! We r going to be late!

Ember- Im coming im coming *quickly finishes and i run out the door nearly running into Blaze*

Blaze- *jumps out of the way* whoa not that...
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Knuckles dashed to the floating island. He thought he was going too slow, so he started gliding. سے طرف کی the time he had reached the floating island, a weird looking hedgehog was standing on سب, سب سے اوپر of the Master Emerald.
"Hey! Who are you?"Knuckles yelled.
The hedgehog just giggled.
"Seriously..."Knuckles wondered.
"Ehe...I'M A jewel collector! I need thisss for my collection." It said.
"No! Take the chaos emeralds instead!"Knuckles convinced.
"Ohhh thank آپ for the idea. I will spare your jewel." It giggled. Then it ran off.
"What have I done? Now it's going for the chaos emeralds. Ah well. I need this...
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