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Here is Some Supernatural Quotes Not Any Quotes Only the Funniest xD
hope آپ like

1-Dean:“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.”
2-Andrea To Dean:“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
3-Dean:“Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help yoga crap.”
4-Sam: "Why’d آپ let me fall asleep?"
Dean: "Because I’m an awesome brother. So what did آپ dream about?"
Sam: "Lollipops and candy canes."
5-Dean:"Your half-caf, double vanilla latte is getting cold over here, Francis."
6-Missouri to Dean:“Boy, آپ put your...
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This is a “Songs Per Episode” list, as seen in the Supernatural Wiki. Since this is the first article-list I ever made in Fanpop, I really, really hope you’ll like it…And that you’ll find it helpful. I’ll be updating the فہرست every week :)

Songs Per Episode

Season 1

1.01 – Pilot
Classic - What Cha Gonna Do
Eagles of Death Metal - Speaking In Tongues
Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man
AC/DC - Back in Black
AC/DC - Highway to Hell
The Living Daylights - Gasoline
Kid Gloves موسیقی - My Cheatin' Ways

1.02 – Wendigo
Dave Matthew's Band - Out of My Hands
Foreigner - Hot Blooded
Lynyrd Skynyrd...
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posted by Silverdoe
 The range of Demonic eyes.
The range of Demonic eyes.
What do yellow, red, white and black all have in common?

All شائقین of the ویژن ٹیلی series Supernatural know the answer to this question. It’s the few different eye colours associated with demons in the show. In religion and mythology, occultism and folklore, a demon is a supernatural being that is generally described as a malevolent spirit.

First seen in the season four episode, Phantom Traveler, demons continue to play a major role throughout the entire five seasons and probably will until end of the new season. The most essential aspects that relate to Dean and Sam Winchester began in 1973...
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 Welcome everyone!
Welcome everyone!
Here it is the SPN Interview with Kaidi! Hope آپ all enjoy it! So lets get started for this totally awesome journey with one of SPN biggest Sam girls...

1.Introduce yourself please

Hello! *waves madly* So, um, my name is Kaidi, I'm 15 and I'm from Estonia. I love music, summer, hanging out with my buddies and of course, Supernatural ;)

2.When did آپ first start watching SPN?

It was last year, at the beginning of March, I think, when I saw a commercial in a local channel of a دکھائیں about two brothers on the road, hunting supernatural creatures. Because I absolutely adore this kind of mysterious...
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 One of the اندازی حرکت Posters
One of the Animation Posters
As آپ know, the عملی حکمت has been all over the web for quite sometime now and I will tell آپ this, it is well worth watching.
Despite being an عملی حکمت which is a japanese animation, it contains great new ideas and stories to the storyline and not to mention never before seen supernatural creatures! It makes sense that MadHouse, the company who has created the anime, was willing to take our beloved دکھائیں to places it has never been and to that I say, we should be honored. Believe it یا not, but it is quite a rare thing to have a TV Show, done in real-time, to become animated.
However, I was always...
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posted by 80s-Gal
Hello Supernatural fans! I thought it would be a lot of fun to hold random interviews with آپ fans. Because we have a lot to say about Supernatural.

My first interview is with Valleygirl4, she put up with my personal سوالات and answered them to the best of her ability, so here goes:

How long have آپ been a پرستار of Supernatural?

I've been a پرستار since the دکھائیں first aired. I've watched every episode, and I love all the Characters, and the story lines...everything.

In your opinion, how has the دکھائیں progressed?

In so many ways. I think the دکھائیں has grown to be a phenomenon. The characters have...
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Supernatural power is “paranormal activities” beyond the visibility, that thing which we cannot explain in scientifically. Than سوال is this is the Supernatural activities are real? Many philosopher and Scientist کہا Supernatural abilities are like the spiritual and magical powers. Many people recall the ghosts and Spirits and they come on the night hit their doors.
On the other side many people are who knows Supernatural powers are not genuine and they are dishonest. Some special person has supernatural abilities. They aren't so uncommon. Intuition and Telepathy is a supernatural...
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posted by HeavenCastiel
I know that this idea has been done several times before, but I decided to do my own list. I know it's really short, I'll add مزید later.

1. Never, under any circumstances, mess with Dean’s precious Impala.
2. Don’t piss off the nerd angels.
3. Giant teddy bears are extremely depressed and suicidal.
4. Myspace is a porn site.
5. Sacrificing is classier than killing.
6. Unicorns ride on silver moonbeams and shoot rainbows out of their ass.
7. When an angel loses their faith in God, the appropriate response is to go on a bender.
8. Movie monster names can double as verbs.
9. M&M’s are perfectly...
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posted by genyva
Chapter 2
“Mom,” I called when the TV started to flicker. I when into the living room when she didn’t answer there was a tall man looking at her then he looked to me and had black eyes.
“Kayla get out of here” she stuttered. The man looked at me and his eyes were jet black and he smiled a smile that made me shiver, he then looked at my mother. He looked back to me and with a smug smile; he ripped a hole in her chest. I screamed so loud as my dad and brother busted thought the door and the black smoke engulfed me causing me to pass out….
My phone rang waking me up I didn’t bother...
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This is an exclusive interview with our fellow پرستار Donna (aka DeanandSam).I've got a scoop that may startle some of آپ guys!So, let's get started for an awesome ride on a ''Highway to Hell''!

Introduce yourself.

Hi my name is Donna and Im 26 years old and a BIG پرستار of the show! :)

When and why did آپ start watching Supernatural?

I started watching SPN after I had a random dream about Dean sitting naked on my سوفی, لٹانا with just a cushion covering his modesty. That was back in March this سال and at the time it was was halfway through Season 4 on TV so I finished watching that while catching...
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posted by Lucia322
Sam: That چھری آپ had... آپ can kill demons with that thing?
Ruby: Sure comes in handy when آپ have to swoop in and save the damsel in distress.
Sam: Where آپ get it?
Ruby: Skymail.
Dean:Is that Humphrey? The one that needs to lay off the burgers?
Ben: آپ know who else thinks they're awesome? Chicks! It's like hot-chick city out there!
Dean: What? Someone had to teach him to kick a bully in the nads
Sam: How many dying wishes are آپ going to get?
Dean: As many as I can squeeze out.
Sam: Why are آپ following me?
Ruby: I'm interested in you.
Sam: Why?
Ruby: Because you're tall. I love a tall man!...
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posted by HorrorFan101
Castiel was stood barely a meter away from him, his trench کوٹ lifting slightly in the breeze. The navy tie he wore was oddly twisted as usual, and the expression he wore was one of confusion.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t intend for it to be so abrupt this time. I am trying, Dean.”
Dean nodded, regretting his sudden lash of annoyance that he was nearly always in such good control of. “It’s fine. Sorry. I’m a bit stressed, I’m on a job.”
“I know.”
“Is that what you’re here about? Want to give us a helping hand on the motives of the killings یا what the cursed object might...
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 تقسیم, الگ کریں Winchester شبیہ
Split Winchester Icon
We're all angry at the fact that our beloved دکھائیں got bumped but why exactly? Because of re-runs of Vampire Diaries & Nikita {I personally hate Nikita anyways} I believe that we can get over this though and here is some of my own thoughts to think about and how they match up with what's going on:

1. Its still on the air
At least there's still a fandom to پرستار about. I mean, I've seen shows that only lasted a week, ours has lasted 6 years and everyone has grown to love it. And we still have our obsession{probually even for a season seven}.

2. They won't be gone for too long
It returns اگلے Friday....
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posted by DemonHunter101

What do آپ think of the show?

I think it is wonderful, the characters are brilliantly written, The jokes are hilarious, even the سیکنڈ یا third time, and the little "Chick Flick" moments are touching. I fell in love with it the moment i watched episode one. it was something different from what i normal watched. I have not seen a دکھائیں yet that bets Supernatural. If آپ find one let me know. :)

Brilliant Characters

Like I کہا BRILLIANTLY written characters. آپ have your Love-To-Hate Characters

Like Ruby- Well maybe آپ hate her becouase she was a total کتیا, کتيا when we find out she...
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posted by HorrorFan101
Sam nodded in agreement and joined up with his brother in the middle of the road to go towards the other roadside. Dean تقسیم, الگ کریں from Sam slightly as he went to the Impala again to retrieve his phone.
Sam gave him a questioning look.
“Okay,” Dean confessed, “one: I’m expecting a call from a hot chick from the vampire hunt last week; آپ know, Stacey? And two, phone cameras can sometimes detect spirit activity because of the frequency, right? We might be able to see something through it.”
Sam scoffed and shook his head at Dean.
“Nice save.”
Dean grinned as his brother...
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Dean Winchester is one of the greatest characters ever to grace a ویژن ٹیلی screen; a three dimensional, dynamic, very real person dealing with extraordinary events. His actions are both believable and relatable. This is in part due to the excellent writers that work on Supernatural, but mostly due to the extraordinary acting of Jensen Ackles. The best writers in the world can create the best character in the world, but if آپ hand that character over to an inept actor, then the writing becomes mediocre at best. And the opposite is true as well. Give a talented actor a poorly written character...
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Now I know a lot might not have noticed but as a huge شائقین of both shows, I noticed that there a lot of similarities between the two shows.

1.both set siblings who fight the evil supernatural (demons/vampire/evil witches...).

2. both set of siblings save/protect people in the expense of their own lives.

3.both set of siblings lost their mothers at young age to the supernatural.

4.both older siblings became angel death for one دن (Dean) & (piper)

5.both younger siblings had visions of the future (Sam) & (Phoebe)

6.both younger siblings went to the dark side/became evil.

7.both younger siblings...
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posted by tinkymel
April 25, 1981

 Constance Welch, 24 Authorities attribute her suicide to extreme emotional distress.
Constance Welch, 24 Authorities attribute her suicide to extreme emotional distress.
A local woman’s death was ruled a suicide, the county Sheriff’s Department کہا earlier today. Constance Welch, 24, of 4636 Breckenridge Road leapt off Sylvania bridge at mile 33 of Centennial highway, and sub-sequently drowned last night.

Deputy J. Pierce told reporters that, hours before her death Ms. Welch logged a call with 911 emergency services. In a panicked tone, Ms. Welch described how she found her two young children, 5 and 6, in the bathtub, after leaving them alone for several...
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 Constance Welch age 24
Constance Welch age 24
Constance Welch

Joseph Welch

Son and younger daughter

A two-story farm house at the end of Brekenridge Road outside Jericho, CA

Incident Reported:
In 1981, Constance Welch (age 24) jumps off the Sulvania Bridge and drowns in the river. An گھنٹہ before her body was found she had phoned the police about her children drowning in the bath tub. She stated that she had left them alone for a منٹ and when she got back they weren't breathing. Devastated سے طرف کی what had happened to her children she committed suicide.

Actual Incident:
Constance had found out about her husbands infidelity...
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posted by Lucia322
"Anyone got a breath mint? Some guts splashed in my mouth while I was killing my way in here..."
I'm not talking about witches...witches are whores
Its called Witchcraft Shortbus!
Sam: But your a demon!
Ruby: Dont be such a racist!
Well.... they killed your precious little virgin to! اگلے time... we do MY plan
I'll be there with آپ that little fallen angel on your shoulder
I'm sorry, I must have blood in my ears.I thought I just heard آپ say that آپ were stupid enough to let the گدھے کو, گدھی get grabbed out of your thick clumsy idiotic hands.
Ruby: I'm interested in you
Sam: Why?
Ruby: Because your tall I...
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