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season 1
episode 12
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posted by magicenchantix
Have آپ ever seen anything
Like the sparkle of Christmas Eve?
It's so beautiful when آپ believe
All the ones آپ love gather 'round
Snow so glittery on the ground
Santa's coming any منٹ now

And I'll meet آپ on a star
We'll dream the night away
It's Christmas magic

Soaring through your heart
On a one horse open sleigh
It's Christmas magic

Sweet anticipating
Smiles decorating, آپ and me (you and me)
Nowhere I'd rather be

Have آپ ever seen a fashion trend
Like the whole world in green and red?
Little houses made of gingerbread

Someone knows you've been bad یا good
Darlin' your wishes are understood
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Close your eyes, let's sail into the fun
A whole new adventure
Each and every آپ and I are one
One hundred percent sure
Once again united 'round the globe
Let's all let it go
The fear's undone, we won the fight so

Everybody raise your hands sky high
Like your hearts that never heard of sorrow
Finally the stars are all aligned
We can dance 'till dawn, 'cause آپ and I know
It's a whole new دن tomorrow
Startin' with a magical tonight

Fireworks exploding to the air
The trouble's behind us
Dancin' party
Planets everywhere
The موسیقی reminds us
All these worlds are one big family
In it together
Celebrate with me

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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
"WHAT are آپ doing here?!?" Helia asked while the boys stared open-mouthed. They had grown to like Autumn like a little sister, and wouldn't let anything مزید happen to her.

"Ahh, Helia. Nice to see آپ again. Not. Is your sister still single? Who am i kidding, she was lucky to have me in her life, she is the opposite of a guy magnet. Say Helia, think آپ can hook me up?

"And why on EARTH would I do that?"

"Because, we clicked so well" He smirked.

Helia was ready to take him down, but Riven did it himself first.

"Who the hell do آپ think آپ are? آپ EVER GO NEAR HER, AND I WILL DEAL WITH YOU...
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