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Hello, everyone, and after finally catching up with Jojo up until Jojolion, and with either an OVA یا Vento Aureo being animated, as well as Diamond Records being released for mobile, and with the JOJO Great Festival that occurred on Sunday, I think now is a time to make at least one مزید Jojo related list. And what better فہرست to make than a فہرست of my پسندیدہ Stands in Jojo. And this time, I’m including them all, and that includes the main characters Stands, so I’m not holding back on anything. These will all be Stands from Jojo that I love and what makes them so great, as well as a...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con Mane has returned.

We begin our story in Beijing, which was violently taken over سے طرف کی the koreans.

Con: *sneaks onto dock*
korean pony55: What was that?
Con: *kills pony* مزید like who was that?
korean pony21: I'll be right back I just wanna get some cider.
Con: *sneaks toward warehouse*
korean pony21: *shoots at Con*
Con: *dodges bullets*
korean pony21: All units, we have an intruder in the warehouse!
Con: *pulls out gun* Where is that manifest?
korean leader: What do آپ need the manifest for? Grenades? We made specially designed grenades to blow up an entire building. Now that آپ know...
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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another سب, سب سے اوپر ten فہرست for the Halloween season. Today, we will be looking at another set of spooky structures, except, instead of the haunted house, will be looking at a large castle. Castles are large structures made long ago, which housed rich and royal people. While they are an amazing piece of history, there is no doubt that there is something creepy about walking into an old قلعہ in the middle of the night. So, today, we’ll be looking at the abundance of castles from a multitude of things. First, some rules. FIRST, only castles from what I have seen....
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Song: link

Hawkeye: What's with the weird music?
Kevin: Still ahead of your time.
Stylo: It's from the...90's?
Kevin: 80's.
S.B: S.B here folks, and I'm here as your host tonight for Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. We're gonna kick off the rest of our دکھائیں with Six Shooters 2. Once that's over, we're gonna take a break, because of Chinese New Year, and President's Day. We will return on the 10th of March. Enjoy the movie.

Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog & WindWakerGuy430 Present

Men: *Racing hot rods*

Six Shooters 2

Men: *Racing in other hot rods*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Alan Martinez
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When I کہا I was going to review No مزید Heroes 2, I meant it. When I discussed the گزشتہ game, I did mention that I may یا may not review it. I کہا that because, wow, I have to pay double the price of the original game for NMH2. But, in the end, I did it anyway. Because I’m a sad person. But, regardless, here it is. This is a game no one expected would be made. No مزید Heroes seemed like such a niche game that was fun, but nothing to warrant a sequel. But, low and behold, here it is: No مزید Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


Now, آپ all know that I love the first No مزید Heroes...
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Sean: *Blows his horn as he passes Kevin and Liam with a passenger train*
Liam: Thanks for taking me out here Kevin. This is awesome.
Kevin: I knew you'd like this place.
Master Sword: *Eating an سیب, ایپل as he trips Wayne*
Wayne: Hey! آپ did that on purpose!
Master Sword: No I didn't. Honest. *An angel's halo appears over his head*
Duck: The final segment of this week's دکھائیں is starting.
Mr. Nut: Indeed it is. I'm Mr. Nut from The Nut House, and I'm your host on this fine evening. We have On The Block, and Ponies On The Rails for آپ excellent people. Enjoy.

Welcome to the block. And now for...
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posted by Windwakerguy430
Adachi is Best Waifu - Due to Nik’s hate of the Persona Waifu Wars (And all Waifu Wars in general), Nik has used Adachi as a troll choice, describing him as best waifu, giving him nicknames such as Cabbage Boy. This joke has gone beyond Persona, and into other franchises, like RWBY, Dark Souls, and Final Fantasy (Ex. بانگ is Best Waifu/Solaire is Best Waifu/Wakka is Best Waifu). Though Nik will always gladly admit that Futaba is the least awful (And say Makoto is the worst, not based on opinion, but just to piss off everyone).

Alan Smithee - A name of a director who denounces their work on...
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Okay, so after a whole week when I کہا “The Resident Evil 4 review will be out tomorrow”, I am finally going to do the actual review. Yeah, I know, I should have done it sooner, but آپ know, school and finals and junk. Anyway, how about that review. We all know that Resident Evil is one of the best horror franchises out there. It managed to make survival horror what it is today. Sure, we may have just gotten out of the dark ages of Resident Evil, what with Resident Evil 6 being a Michael خلیج, کھاڑی movie and Umbrella Corps being the worst thing ever, but I think Resident Evil VII is a step in...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

Song: link
 Up in the sky, a دائرے, حلقہ appears with an Umbreon inside. Then the name, CokeTheUmbreon appears.
Up in the sky, a دائرے, حلقہ appears with an Umbreon inside. Then the name, CokeTheUmbreon appears.

Henry: *Laying down on a bed, writing a note*
Dad: *Turns on the TV*

Song (Start at 2:07): link

Henry: *Listens to the TV upstairs, but continues to write his letter*

Stockton, south of Henry's location.

Dale: *Wakes up* It's that time again.

* * *

Henry: *In the bathroom, brushing his teeth. He begins to have a flashback*


Tammy: آپ cannot talk to people like that.
Henry: All I said...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con Mane: Diamond Tiara's Are Forever - 2013

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

Number 7, and counting. I present to everyone Diamond Tiara's Are Forever.


Doughnut Joe................................Con Mane
Diamond Tiara...............................Miss. Filly
Silverspoon....................................Miss. Silver
Carrot Top.....................................Bambi
Berry Punch...................................Thumper
Pinkie Pie..............................................P
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

It was a wonderful دن in Canterlot, until some ponies started panicking.

Con: What's going on?
P: Discord is back, and he's murdering مزید ponies!
Con: I'll stop him!
Discord: Keep it up! Everypony in this town must die!
Korean ponies: Affirmative! *kill each other*
Discord: Don't kill each other! Only kill the ones that live here.
Con: *shoots Discord*
Discord: آپ really think that pistol of yours will work?
Con: I shot آپ in the arm! Why aren't آپ bleeding?
Discord: Because, I'm invincible!
Con: *takes away invincibility* Not anymore....
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There are a lot of video games that have عملی حکمت about them. آپ have classics like Persona 4: The Animation, Devil May Cry, and of course Pokemon. And with new عملی حکمت based on video games, like Phoenix Wright having a pretty good عملی حکمت series, and with Castlevania being announced to have a عملی حکمت some time in the future, it makes me wonder if there are other video games that could have some pretty neat anime. So, today, I want to share with آپ some عملی حکمت that could have the potential to have their own anime. Now, before I start, there are some things to address. First off, I am only including...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

Song: link

Salt Lake City, 1966

Mustache Man: *Walks into a room with a woman*
Woman: *Taking off her blue dress, and goes into بستر with the man*
Bill: *Watching in disgust from his brand new Pontiac GTO with a pair of binoculars. He puts them away, and opens a can of Budweiser. He drinks the Budweiser, then throws the empty can to the right of his car, landing on the floor اگلے to eighteen other cans. He starts his car, and drives away*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

The Challenger

Starring SeanTheHedgehog...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

It was a wonderful, and sunny دن when a ٹٹو with a sniper رائفل was looking at a mare swimming. The ٹٹو with the رائفل was named Scorpio, and he was an assassin. The mare swimming was at the سب, سب سے اوپر of a huge building, and Scorpio was going to do whatever he could to kill this mare. Why? Because he's evil.

With one shot, the mare was killed. Blood came out of her body, and into the swimming pool looking like red paint being washed off a brush.

Half an گھنٹہ later, a ٹٹو was walking. This ٹٹو was...
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After hearing that Diamond is Unbreakable is getting adapted into a series, I could only cheer with joy, and be prepared for such a thing to come. And since Part Four is only a week away, I thought that I should honor it سے طرف کی doing a فہرست dedicated to it. And what better one to make than talking about Part Three, Stardust Crusaders. Now, I love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Love, love, love, love, love, LOVE IT! Easily my third پسندیدہ anime, and fourth پسندیدہ animated series of all time. And like I کہا before, I am super excited for the release of Part Four. And to celebrate, I want to talk...
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Jared: ارے Wikipedia, آپ sure we’re not lost? o_____O
Wikipedia: Of course not! :D As long as we don’t lose this map here, we’ll be fine!

*Map Flies Away*

Jared: آپ NIMROD! NOW what are we going to do?


Wikipedia and Jared: NOOOOOOOO *FLASH*

Windwakerguy430: What the fuck!? What are آپ doing in my house?

Wikipedia: It's no big deal, just a rip of the fabric in space and time. :) It happens.

Windwakerguy430: Okay then. Well, since you’re already here, want to help me with my list?

Jared: *Pushes Wikipedia*...
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Welcome everyone to another Halloween-oriented list. This week, we will be looking at the walking dead, یا undead if آپ will, zombies. Zombies are very dangerous creatures. Sure, they are slow and not very bright, but they are dangerous in packs, as one bite could infect anyone, causing an outbreak in just a couple of hours. So, with that said, it’s no doubt that zombies have gotten extremely مقبول in our generation. They’re like ghosts of the eighties, یا aliens of the first time فلمیں came out. So, with that said, let us look at the ten greatest zombies in my opinion. First off, only...
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There are a lot of heroes, یا at least protagonists in animation. but, what is a hero without the villain. A villain, یا antagonist, if آپ will, is usually some obstacle that the protagonist must overcome, with the villain being the largest obstacle the protagonist has faced yet. And, let me tell آپ all something, there are a LOT of amazing villains out there. From cartoons, to animated movies, to anime, they’re everywhere. And they are just so awesome. So, today, I am going to talk about the سب, سب سے اوپر twenty most awesome animated villains. Now, a few rules before we start the list. These are...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The Canterlot Highway Patrol is a very busy organization, protecting everyone on, and around the highways of Canterlot. Of course, there are some ponies that despise them, and call these police ponies Chips, یا chippies for short.

Jon Baker, and Frank Poncherello, two CHP officers, were riding Harley Davidson motorcycles on one of the highways.

Jon: *Riding his motorcycle اگلے to Frank* It sure is a nice day.
Frank: Not just with the weather, but with the activity. Things are going easy for us.

A blue GT500 passed them going over 80.

Jon: *Rides his motorcycle after the car*
Frank: *Following...
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After looking back on my سب, سب سے اوپر Ten Worst Cartoons list, I thought I had seen some terrible shows. But now that we are out of the 2000s era, I can easily say that I was wrong! I was DEAD WRONG! I mean, there are so many terrible shows, that it isn’t even funny. So, I am going to tell آپ all the shows that I find to be the worst of the worst. First, some rules. These have to be shows that only I have seen. So, that means there will be no گلہری, جائے وقوع Boy, no Problem Solverz, and no Sanjay & Craig. Also, I am not including anime. Why? Because I already made a فہرست of the worst anime, so I don’t...
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