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posted by AislingYJ
Updated 6/3/14
I'm bored, so I thought I'd share with آپ a few websites online that آپ can design your characters! There are tons of websites out there, these are just a few.
This website is سے طرف کی far the best superhero generator I've found. Basically آپ use it to make your character in costume. They have endless options of costume parts for both male and female characters, and they even allow آپ to اقدام parts around, resize them, and color them. آپ can save the character to the game, and then load it later, but if آپ want to save an image to the computer, آپ have to take a screenshot....
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posted by SilverWings13
 Young Roxanne Weston (age 15)
Young Roxanne Weston (age 15)
Name: Roxanne "Roxy" Conners
Age: 37 (age when she died)
Status: deceased
Relations: husband- Riley Conners (deceased), son- Daemian Weston (deceased), son- Declan Conners, daughter- Aryess Weston
Physical Appearance: fair hair, sky-blue eyes, 5'8", slim build- slight muscle
Personality: stubborn, kind, strong willed
Titles: Mistress of Revenge, Angel
History: Was born and raised in Venice, Italy as Roxanne Weston. Her parents tried to protect their only child from their family's secret: each generation of their ancestors had sent their lineage to the temple of the League of Shadows in hopes that...
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posted by MafiaYJ
It's been 3 years since the last update, and since then I and my character have changed and grown. Let's see whats new shall we?


Full Name : Babylon
Nickname: Barbara Lon, Robert Lon; Babs
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: St. Paul’s Cathedral (No longer Catholic I believe) in London; burned down 3 months later in the Great آگ کے, آگ of London
Birthday: June 6, 1666
Currently living in: New York
Species/Race: Human - Demon Hybrid
Ethnicity: European
Occupation: Currently - CEO of companies + Scientist ; for anything before hand, ask her about it
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Social Status: High...
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posted by SilverWings13
 Princess Ana
Princess Ana
Part 1: link

The visitor pushed past without hesitation.
She had yet to get a chance to change. The uncharacteristically regal گاؤن, gown bellowed pale cloth over freckled arms, tightened her hips in an amber corset, draped سونا over legs meant for pants and running. Only the wild red curls fit the intruder, tumbling freely over her shoulders after a night in tight pins and clips. Even the royal golden wreath was askew on the waves of red locks. The fury in her glimmering سونا eyes was even مزید own of place than the dress.
"Our queen sister accepted your challenge," the girl growled through a clenched...
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So here's my new OC….hope آپ like her!
Power: She is good with computers/hacking and she transforms herself into a machine…..basically an attack robot
She is from a wealthy family so she is able to afford all of her gadgets and wheel chair mechanics. She has had several medical problems ever since her accident. A man broke into her house when her parents were away on business. The man tried to rape her, but she managed to get away. As she was darting towards the stairs in her house, another man appeared and threw her over the stair railings and she landed on her back. The men left….maybe...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Brennan broke off the call with the team, turning to Joker. “Make it believable. We want them to think that’s actually her.”
The madman grinned. “I’ll do my very worst!”
Brennan rolled his eyes and walked out. “Idiot,” he muttered, walking out to another room. “Good thing I have that program.. incredible likeness to the real thing.”
Fin woke up to an indescribably strange situation. She sat in a large chair, one that towered over nearly the whole room. The room itself had little to no light, shadows dancing on the edges of the walls. She tugged at her arms, and found...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Song Featured: "Get Out Alive" سے طرف کی Three Days Grace.

Don't put your life in someone's hands
They're bound to steal it away
Don't hide your mistakes
'Cause they'll find you, burn you

Mel was laid out on the floor. Surrounded سے طرف کی white walls, a white ceiling over her head. She eyes slowly opened. She gasped and shot to her feet. She was outfitted in a tight, white, short hospital gown. She growled and unfolded her wings, puffing them out to intimidate. She growled deeper and louder.
"Dont be frightened." کہا a woman. Mel whipped around, but all she saw were the white walls.
"I am Dr. Wick, head of The...
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Daily Episode

دن Forty-Nine:

Static Shock Episode Four: "Grounded"
Link: link

Summary: While analyzing a part of an amoeba mutated سے طرف کی the Big Bang, Virgil and Richie become locked in school late at night with the protesting journalism class, led سے طرف کی Frieda. 

What's the lesson from this? Don't use your school lab for superhero research unless you're (a) dressed as کہا superhero یا (b) you're positive no one will get harmed سے طرف کی the experiment. Listen to that, Virgil.
“Really? Again?”
Blade smirked at the black-haired firecaster, whose cheeks had begun to turn pink.
“I thought آپ liked our game last night, Fin,” she said, raising an eyebrow.
Fin blushed even harder. “Well, we don’t need to play it again!”
“Why not?” Alek asked. “It’ll be fun!”
Fin sighed. “All right.” She took the bottle off of the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ counter, and everyone arranged themselves in a circle, with the bottle in the middle. They all sat there, staring at it, until Aisling spoke.
“So...who wants to go first?”
Everyone looked at each other, willing the others to...
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posted by Robin_Love
Just a fun little one-shot on the Outsiders team *insert maniacal laughter* XD

“What goes on kitty Cat?”
She jumped at the voice, startled. She looked over to find Trevor sitting اگلے to her. Zero was fiddling around on one of his gadgets and Zeth was...being Zeth.
“I thought I was alone.”
“Until three منٹ پہلے آپ were,” Zeth said.
Cat rolled her eyes at him and Zeth smirked. His eyes glowed and a string appeared in front of her. Both Trevor and Zeth laughed almost evilly as Cat's eyes followed the string and her hands moved up to get it. A hand snatched the string away, releasing...
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posted by SilverWings13
"Now they know what آپ are."

Not long after, a knock came at the young man's door. Marcus Antoni Rurik set down the jackets he had been trying to decide between to go to the door. He froze at the sight before him. The redhead had been forced to clean up nicely. Her red locks were straightened to a sheen, make-up smoothed over her features, and a well-fitted dress hugged her well-toned body. Aside from the chains around her wrists, Anastasia Romanov looked like she actually belonged in his family's castle.
"Miss Romanov, how can I help you?" Marcus asked, crossing his strong arms over his chest....
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
AU for Ciel and Jaime, my friend originally gave me the idea when she mentioned she mentioned a manga and thus, this was born.

Hi! My name is Jaime Adams, and I'm currently sitting in a blood donation center about to have my arm poked and prodded. Quite comical, really.. I hate needles, but I have a disease that causes my bone marrow to produce مزید blood cells, called polycythemia vera. I hate coming here, but today is different. Very different. I typically have blood drawn from this cranky old lady who gets annoyed about the fact that I don't like needles. Today, there's this tall, white-haired...
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posted by SilverWings13
"Staring at her isn't going to help."
Nic nearly jumped out of his skin as the sudden remark shattered his trance. He quickly gained his composure before the other man could see that he had startled the fire-caster. Declan stepped down to the platform. He scanned the still body of the girl lying on the cot. Her frame was cloaked سے طرف کی the sterilized-white blanket, an IV snaking from her arm. His eyes settled on his baby sister's relaxed features, eyes dancing behind her closed lids, wondering if she were dreaming.
"Guess I did one Hell of a job protecter her, huh?"
The assassin tore his gaze from...
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posted by KaliYJ
 Emmerson and his darkself
Emmerson and his darkself
Oh, dig my shallow grave
It's not me you'll save
Cos' I'm a lost cause
I'm a lost cause
A lost, lost cause

"None of them get it do they?"

A mutter, he could only hear, broke the silence as the dark haired boy sat there, on his bed, staring in the mirror at his dark-self mocking him.

Wait, all this time that I have spent away
Makes me think that I might be okay,
For this, the deaf will have to wait
My head, is holding on to all those things آپ said
You taught me to be strong and get through it, the mist of darkness
In my head

"No one will ever feel what آپ feel; you're so pathetic.."

The boys face screwed...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Name: Ashley Nickson
Hero Name: Aquapoint
Age: 14

Appearance: blue hair and eyes.

Personality: optimist, likes to talk and is very friendly

Powers/Abilities: An archer and can control water. She uses her ability to create a bow and arrows سے طرف کی freezing the water.

Suit Design: body suit;ocean blue with water streams running on the hands, legs and back and all connects on the bust of the suit which has an arrow symbol.

Daily Clothing: t-shirt [mostly blue] and pants [usually dark blue یا black]; ballet فلیٹوں, فلیٹ aka ballet pumps.

Past: had to leave her ہوم at the age of six along with nine others due to...
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posted by ValacYJ
Sometime in the future...not telling when!

What if all آپ understand,
Could fit into the center of our hand,

"Alright boys, this is it. آپ go in fighting, آپ come out alive. آپ go in and screw around you're dead" The unnatural's stood in front of a half collapsed building.  "Naliak, how much time do we have?"

Then آپ found it wasn't you,
Who held the sum of everything آپ knew,

"Around ten minutes." Naliak looked at his watch. 
"Good. Naliak, Edel. آپ two rescue the remaining victims. Scuro, keep the area secure, once the area is clear of civilians, bring the rest of the that building....
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posted by BloodyMascara_
What can I say? I got bored!

This is what happens when Ciel and Fang challenge Mel to an eating contest!

"I will beat you." Mel said, plopping onto the سوفی, لٹانا in her sleep pants and tank top.
"Impossible." Fang said, plopping onto the سوفی, لٹانا fully dressed for the day.
"I WILL DEVOUR YOU." Ciel shouted, sitting upside down on the couch. Fang whacked him with a pillow.
"LIKE I SAID. I will beat you."
Fang looked at the boxes of ٹیکو Bell's tacos.
"How'd آپ get all this food?" Fang asked curiously.
"Lets say... There was a lot of commotion at ٹیکو Bell."
Fang shrugged,...
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The following excerpt contains major spoilers for the finale of Divided We Fall. If آپ wish to read the book with no spoilers, please exit this page. آپ have been warned.

New York City
June 18, 08:09 EST
Sam groaned and rolled over. He didn’t find Holly. Sam slowly sat up, looking around for his girlfriend. This was strange, ہولی never got up before him. Sam rolled out of بستر and tried to flatten his hair before pulling on a روب, چغہ and walking into the living room. He was about to start worrying...
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"Declan, are آپ ready yet?" Aryess peered into the mirror, trying to fit in the back to her silver dangly earring.
"Almost," the 21-year-old called from the other room. "Why do I have to go to this thing again?"
"Because I want to be there when Jasper makes the big announcement."
"Again, why do I have to go?" Declan walked into the foyer wearing a navy three-piece suit. His fair hair was spiked in the front casually, somehow boyishly mature.
"To دکھائیں support for our friends!" she said. "Where's Riley?"
"Tada!" the four-year-old exclaimed as he jumped up from behind the couch. His bright-blue eyes...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
Here's a chapter for ya!

I woke up in the infirmery. I gasped and shot up. Someone was sitting at my feet. His head in his hands.
"Daddy....?" I asked, scared he wasnt. He turned, he was pale, but not to the point it was sickly. My jaw dropped. It wasnt Fang, but it was a creepy dude, sitting at my feet. I went to scream at him. But he put his finger over my lips.
"Shhhh! Nobody can see me other than you..." He said.
"What!? Im confuzled....." I said, I fell back and shut my eyes. When I opened them again....
He was gone.... My eyes widened.
"SOMEBODY GET IN HERE!!!" I yelled, I heard footsteps....
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