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What is your fave game on the Xbox360

5 answers | my answer: Omg... I don't even know, really. There's so many!...
عملی حکمت

otaku test ~

31 answers | my answer: Quite a few things come to mind, but the first one...
عملی حکمت

Stupid things آپ ever heard from non-anime fans...

51 answers | my answer: Reading manga: "You're a little too old to be read...
عملی حکمت

What عملی حکمت character would آپ most want to save you?

16 answers | my answer: The amazingly kawaii little guy in my icon. <3 ......

How did آپ get your username?

22 answers | my answer: My name, Shaelyn and my crushes name, Toris. .__.

Ok guys i'm gonna be serious...

16 answers | my answer: ._. What? I must've missed it... I only JUST joi...

What's your پسندیدہ thing to eat that has بیکن in یا on it ?? :o

11 answers | my answer: ... Just bacon.

Okay, آپ کہا this club was "Random" and so does the جملہ معیاری so here we go.

23 answers | my answer: I'm straight, but I have no problems with people of...

What would u do if.....

15 answers | my answer: I would stop breathing and eventually die... I'm l...

Can آپ type: 'mom it's okay I won't get too drunk tonight' with your eyes closed?

24 answers | my answer: Haha, nope.