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This Random پیپر وال contains چاکلیٹ fudge, چاکلیٹ لغویات, پینکیکس, آسانی سے ٹوٹنے والی, ٹافی, مریخ پر, نازک, مٹھائی, and ٹوففی. There might also be تقسیم, الگ کریں, دھندلا پرت کیک, فرعثٹید پرت کیک, چاکلیٹ پڈنگ, and چاکلیٹ فرنی.

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#1: Narrator (Doug Walker): (laughing) And so, hundreds of thousands of people DIED and the outer دیوار was taken over سے طرف کی Titans. And the survivors were forced into refugee camps where they didn't have enough food, so even مزید people died, YEAAAAA! But, how are Eren and the gang getting by?

Garrison: آپ want food?
Eren: Yeah!
Garrison: Then آپ should fuckin' شامل میں the military! آپ can get all the food آپ want!
Eren: Really?
Garrison: Yeah! And آپ can also do stuff like this! punches and kicks Eren to the ground
Eren: After getting punched and kicked to the ground) That sounds AWESOME!!
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Well my typewriter is down for repairs at the moment and I need something to keep me from being bored as hell because I’m off work for today and my husband is off at church and I think the cat hid my dildo so what the fuck am I supposed to do with my time?
Some of آپ may be surprised that I’m an مصنف since I type about like how you’d expect a fucking dumbass ranch worker to talk, but I am an author, and I swear I can type good if I wanna.
Art, in all of the forms that it takes on, exists as the method that we humans use to understand and explain our viewpoints on reality. Reality and...
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